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Cyber Terrorism- a broader concept

NEERAJ AARORA, AICWA, LLB, PGD (Cyber Law), CFE (USA) Introduction Cyber terrorism is an evolving concept, a striking realty in the wake of terrorist strikes that has taken place around the globe more particularly the recent Mumbai terrorist strikes. There … Continue reading

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Hi-Tech Peeping Toms- A Man with Tiny Digicam had ‘wrong click’

NEERAJ AARORA, AICWA, LLB, PGD (Cyber Law), CFE (USA)  A new phenomenon of video voyeurism also known as “cyber peeping” has emerged in recent times where images of private area of an individual are captured without his knowledge and … Continue reading

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Software User Piracy- Issues

NEERAJ AARORA,AICWA, LLB, PGD (Cyber Law), CFE (USA) Â Nowadays, software has become an indispensable part of our day to day life, running everything in the digital world from our PCs to the internet. It is definitely the most valuable … Continue reading

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“Every man’s house is his castle: Right to privacy and Information Technology (Amendment) Bill, 2006

NEERAJ AARORA, AICWA, LLB, PGD (Cyber Law), CFE (USA) Privacy is a fundamental human right that has become one of the most important rights of the modern age. The right to privacy and the power of the State to encroach … Continue reading

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